12 Leading Health Experts Reveal the Next Big

Breakthrough in Cancer Prevention...

How to Activate Your Body‘s Hidden Cancer-Fighting System

12 Leading Health Experts Reveal the Next Big

Breakthrough in Cancer Prevention...

  • Restores Your Health, Energy, and Youthful Vitality
  • Cleanses Cancer-Causing Substances — Without Struggle or Discomfort
  • Boosts Your Cells’ Natural Ability to Stay Cancer-Free

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Imagine what it would be like if cancer didn’t exist.

No radiation, chemotherapy, or surgeries. No cancer walks or marathons to find a cure. No one dying of cancer… no one even receiving a diagnosis.

Sounds like a fantasy, right? It’s not.

It could be our future.


The latest cutting-edge science has now discovered a hidden cancer-fighting system in your body… and it stops one of the top causes of cancer today.

And no, that cause ISN’T genetics.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about cancer.

But you hear it all the time. It’s treated as if it’s a proven fact that your genetics are to blame when it comes to cancer. According to the media, anywhere from 30% – 50% of all cancers are caused by the genes you’re born with.

Now research is revealing how wrong that number is.

It turns out that the latest evidence is showing that only FIVE percent of cancers are caused by genetics.

So what about the other 95%?

The Scientific Evidence is in:
We’re Swimming In “Cancer Soup”

The cancer epidemic is getting worse.

According to the National Cancer Institute, “In 2012, there were 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. The number of new cancer cases will rise to 22 million within the next two decades.”

Even more troubling, while the number of new cases of cancer goes up every year, no truly new cures have been found. Only more versions of detection, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

The status quo.

And make no mistake: Big Pharma and mainstream medicine are financially invested in maintaining the status quo because their profits depend on it.

At the same time, corporations are at work keeping the truth about one of the top causes of cancer from you. Because what they sell IS the cause. So, they silence every report that shows how dangerous their products are.

That’s why you’ll never see a headline showing that toxins are one of the biggest culprits behind today’s exploding cancer rates.

Toxins in fresh produce, makeup, cleaning products... baby formula, drinking water, garden mulch… plastic containers, furniture, carpeting...

The fact is, we’ve poisoned Eden.

Planet Earth was created perfect. And so were we.

Then came all the things we created in the name of progress and a bright future… that turned out to cause cancer. Things like carcinogen-filled foods, dangerous air pollution levels in almost half the U.S., radiation-emitting technology, toxic farmlands, and more.

The leading health experts all agree. One of the biggest causes of cancer is a toxic body.

Why Your Body Can’t Detox on Its Own Anymore

Your body was perfectly designed to handle a normal amount of natural toxins.

But the massive amount of man-made toxins we’re exposed to in our modern world is far too much for our bodies to manage.

According to the Environmental Working Group, there are nearly 85,000 man-made chemicals currently approved for use in the United States. And that number is rapidly increasing.

So toxins build up throughout your body. And the disease process begins.

This is something even mainstream medicine admits. They call them “carcinogens”. Carcinogens are simply toxins that have been confirmed to cause cancer.

But all toxins can contribute to a toxic body and cancer development.

Here’s just a few of the scary NEW toxic statistics:

Breast cancer is linked to heavy metals such as cobalt, lead, and tungsten.

Your child’s risk for leukemia goes up by 70% if your home is within 200 yards of power lines.

And exposure to pesticides, herbicides, certain dyes, petrochemicals, and other toxins increase your risk of deadly pancreatic cancer.

Greedy corporations will do anything to keep you from hearing these statistics.

In fact, in a recent lawsuit by a cancer victim against Monsanto, evidence was uncovered that Monsanto bullied scientists to keep quiet about the fact that their herbicide, Roundup, causes cancer.

Company emails were found showing Monsanto was silencing reports about their product’s link to cancer. The plaintiff’s legal team even found proof that Monsanto was having research results twisted to “prove” that Roundup is safe.

Of course, herbicides and pesticides are just a drop in our world’s toxic soup. And we swim in it every day.

But here’s some great news.

There’s a simple way to fight back against our modern toxic world.

And your doctor won’t tell you about it. Because he doesn’t know about it. Doctors simply never hear about this.

We are about to tell you about a little-known mechanism that’s hidden in your body. It’s a built-in anti-cancer system that fights directly against our toxic world. It’s all-natural… all you have to do is activate it.

That description of a cancer-free world you just imagined? It could be a reality if everyone activates this natural mechanism in their bodies.

No more hearing that devastating diagnosis. No more long, painful deaths. No more losing loved ones to this completely preventable and 100% treatable disease.

Read on and you’ll learn…

How to prevent cancer by removing deadly cancer-causing substances in your body

How to turn on your body’s natural cancer cell-killing abilities

How to shrink tumors away to nothing – no scan will find them

How to heal your body if you’ve had cancer treatments to regain vibrant health and youthful energy

And much more…

Even better, turning on this natural mechanism in your body is simple. Anyone can do it. And the amazing results speak for themselves.

A Massive Breakthrough in Cancer Prevention

We are Ty and Charlene Bollinger. You may have heard our story.

Twenty years ago, cancer nearly wiped out our entire family.

It was at a time in our lives where everything was going great. That’s when things turned upside down.

First, Ty’s father was diagnosed with cancer. And died shortly after.

Ty’s hero was gone.

But before we could get back on our feet, we got knocked down again. Losing Ty’s beloved mother (Charlene’s “mother in LOVE”), uncle, grandparents, and several other family members – 7 in total. All lost to cancer and conventional cancer-related treatments. And all in only 8 years.

This devastating experience made us question the mainstream medical status quo when it came to cancer.

That’s when we created our mission at The Truth About Cancer: to help people like you find out the real answers about cancer. And scientifically proven ways to help prevent, treat, beat, and heal from cancer.

We traveled all over the world seeking answers. Our books and docu-series, including The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, expose the lies and misinformation out there about cancer as well as offering cutting-edge alternative solutions.

And it was in the interviews with some of the world’s leading cancer experts that we kept hearing the same thing again and again.

Toxins play a HUGE role in cancer.
And detox is cancer’s #1 enemy.


How to Turn on Your Built-In Anti-Cancer System

When you detox, you turn on your body’s built-in anti-cancer system.

By clearing away all the toxic build-up from our modern world, you activate your body’s natural ability to destroy cancer cells, shrink tumors away to nothing, and finally heal.

But… that still left a lot of questions.

How do we know we’re detoxing our entire body? What do you eat? What natural foods, herbs, and spices help? What detox method works best? How often should we detox?

We had to find out the answers.

That’s why we went back on the road with our documentary team to create The Truth About Detox. We wanted to clear away the confusion and noise about detox out there and give you a complete, effective, and easy-to-follow detox system.

Together, we interviewed 12 of the top detoxing experts in the world to find out what THEY do and what THEY recommend:

These experts gave us all the details about proven detox methods that clean away toxins from head-to-toe, activating your body’s cancer-fighting abilities.

So you’ll know EXACTLY what to do – and what NOT to do – to detox for maximum healing.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in The Truth About Detox:

The 2nd largest toxic cause of lung cancer (it will shock you)… second only to smoking. Discover what room in your house is the danger zone and how to protect yourself and your family.

What’s eating you? Parasites, that’s what! And these parasites have been directly linked to cancer. Find out what 8 natural herbs and spices work fast to rid your body of these unwelcome guests.

Protect yourself from these thyroid-destroying toxins that are causing a worldwide health epidemic… helping you regain your youthful vitality, sharp thinking, and – bonus! – a slimmer waistline.

How to reverse painful constipation and easily go” again. Forget Metamucil; this is the best all-natural remedy that costs just pennies!

Why you should NEVER have a “healing crisis” while detoxing. Just take these simple steps for a struggle-free, painless cleanse.

Irritable? Drained? Aches and pains? Your blood could be DIRTY with toxins! And 7 miracle all-natural remedies that will revitalize you with zero side effects.

And much more!

Rave Reviews for The Truth About Detox

“I’ve tried doing cleanses before with mixed results. But I never knew exactly what I was doing to my body – there’s so much conflicting information out there and I was just “trying stuff” to see what worked.

“Something really special is happening with my health, energy, and sense of well being. Wow, what a miracle to have happen!

The pollution here in China is horrendous pretty much continually. It’s hard on your health. In spite of all that, I’m improving. Lowering the load of toxins I had accumulated in the last 12 years.”

– Linda C.

“I’ve done many cleanses in the past that had me glued to my bathroom. No more! Now I understand why I was so sick... plus how to do it the right way. I followed all the steps outlined and had no problems. Very gentle. And the results are awesome. I feel great all the time! I’ve cut my coffee down a lot because I have so much energy.”

– Tara W.

“Thank you for enlightening me... now I am accountable to work on getting a healthy body!”

– Heather Maxwell

“Thank you for the great information that I can share with my patients to get them well.”

– Donna

The Truth About Detox

Volume 2 uncovers the shocking truth about...

  • The real culprit behind some cases of high blood pressure – it’s not what you think! The easy way to cleanse the organ that’s causing it and lower your blood pressure to normal FAST.
  • Painful swelling in your ankles and legs? Your kidneys could be toxic. Plus, the delicious fruity tea you can make yourself that detoxes your kidneys naturally. Here’s when and how much to drink every day.
  • Can’t resist junk food and other favorite treats? Now you don’t have to! Chow down all the BBQ, burgers, and pepperoni pizza you want. Just use this simple defensive-eating technique that grabs onto any toxins in your food and quickly escorts them from your body.
  • How to use this detoxing secret to make body fat melt away effortlessly. The all-natural solution lies in cleansing this toxin-loaded organ in your body.
  • The easiest way to cleanse your skin for renewed health and energy. Forget expensive lotions and creams; all you need is this simple technique, a few minutes, and a body brush.
  • Is your child at risk for autism? The popular – but brain damaging – toxic foods you must NEVER feed your children or grandchildren – and other common (but toxic) things to avoid.
  • And much more!

You’ll be glued to your seat when Volume 3 of The Truth About Detox reveals…

  • The hidden cause of cancer lurking in your kitchen right now. It’s the #1 cause of toxicity in cancer patients… but you can end its damage for good with this one easy step.
  • Love seafood? Dig in… just add these 3 life-saving foods to your diet that act like a shield from toxic mercury found in almost all seafood today.
  • Say goodbye to cancer, allergies, and poor immunity! This summertime-fun detoxing substance is the ultimate antidote.
  • The easiest all-natural way to pull cancer-causing radiation right out of your body. Hint: your grandma used to tell you about this old-fashioned trick!
  • Organic is always safe, right? WRONG! Avoid any products labeled “organic” from this toxic country.
  • How to free yourself from emotional toxicity that keeps you from health and happiness. Just say these magic words and feel the dark cloud lift away for good.
  • And much more!

Prevent Cancer… With JUICE?

Sure, juicing is healthy. And it tastes great. But can it really prevent cancer?


Study after study of scientific evidence shows how certain types of juice could prevent cancer.

One review published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer found that pomegranate juice stops the growth of breast, prostate, colon, and lung cancer cells. Another study found that cranberry juice contributes to apoptosis, or cancer cell “suicide”, with 17 different types of cancer including prostate, lymphoma, and colon.

And yet another study found even good old OJ can fight cancer! The researchers said of their findings, “OJ could contribute to chemoprevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression.”

Even more exciting, blueberries have now been proven to destroy cancer cells… BETTER than radiation!

In this breakthrough study, researchers compared four groups of cancer patients. Group one had radiation alone. Group two had blueberry extract alone. Group three had nothing – they were the control. And group four had both radiation and blueberry extract combined.

The results were stunning.

The radiation-only group had a 20% reduction in cancer cells. But the blueberry-only group had a 25% reduction in cancer cells. That’s right, blueberries work better than radiation to kill cancer cells!

But it doesn’t end there. The combined radiation and blueberry group had a whopping 70% decrease in cancer cells. Making radiation nearly 4 TIMES more deadly to cancer cells!

Blueberries work by shutting down two cancer-growth molecules – cyclin D and cyclin E. They also cause cancer cells to commit “cell suicide”, just like cranberries.

So it’s no surprise that the world famous Gerson Therapy uses juicing as a natural cancer treatment for their patients. It really works! The science is rock solid.

When you watch The Truth About Detox, you’ll discover all the different kinds of cleansing and cancer-fighting juices out there. Cheri Calbom, “The Juice Lady”, will give you her top tips and tricks for powerful healing with juice.

What Experts Are Saying...

When I realized that people were actually toxic, that detoxification actually does help people, I was stunned that I wasn't taught this in medical school, and I went back to some of my professors and talked to them about it, and there was really no interest in them from these ideas since there wasn't a drug to treat this."

- Dr. David Brownstein, M.D.

"Your body was born to heal itself. You were not born to be diseased or sick... I see a great awakening happening out there right now. People have lost their false faith in the pharmaceutical industry and the toxic chemotherapy and these toxic approaches that cause more harm than good.”

- Mike Adams, a.k.a. “The Health Ranger”, Food Scientist, Author, Lecturer

"An information revolution has occurred in the field of medicine. It helps validate ancient healing methods that have been around since the beginning of time, but it’s only now that science is catching up... People are getting information without it being filtered by a middleman. It’s a real way to democratize information. Watch this – it’s really going to open your eyes.”

- Sayer Ji, Author, Lecturer, National Health Federation Advisory Board

Why You’ll Wake up to a Brand-New YOU

The health-boosting power of detox goes beyond helping to prevent cancer.

If you struggle with low energy… aches and pains… extra belly fat that won’t budge… digestive woes… and other common health problems…

You may think these problems are caused by aging and other health-zappers.

But the real cause could be excess toxins in your body.

Toxins stop your organs from functioning properly. They clog up and damage every system in your body. So you feel old and worn out before your time.

Clear those toxins away, you could not only prevent cancer, you might also unleash your body’s natural healing powers. Helping you look and feel brand-new!

When you detox your whole body using all the tips and tricks from The Truth About Detox, you’ll…

  • Supercharge your energy levels
  • Enjoy deep, restful sleep every night
  • Lose those stubborn pounds at last
  • Reclaim your sharp thinking and memory
  • Feel a powerful boost to your mood
  • Renew your glowing, healthy skin
  • Get back your healthy digestion
  • Say goodbye to aches and pains
  • And much more!

Try it for yourself and see. When you receive The Truth About Detox, watch each video at your leisure. Select and use the detox methods that appeal most to you.

In a matter of days, you’ll start seeing changes in your body as it works to heal itself. Subtle but real results. And they’ll keep getting better every day.

Until they’re so obvious, you can’t miss them.

Can you imagine how that will feel?

Sleeping deeply every night and waking up refreshed. Experiencing the kind of endless energy you had as a kid. And noticing how the health problems you thought were a normal part of aging… are GONE. Completely gone!

And the next time you have any health issue, your foolproof detox methods will be your first go-to choice of remedies. Because something as simple as detoxing truly has the power to renew your health and vitality.

That’s not all. Everyone will notice the new you.

It’ll be hard to miss. Your glowing good health and energy will make you appear years – even decades – younger.

Your spouse will want to show you off and take you out on the town. Your family will be impressed by your youthful vitality and quick thinking. And your friends will beg you for your secret to looking and feeling so great.

All while you’re activating your natural anti-cancer system in your body!

Why not put this powerful detox program to the test and see for yourself? You have nothing to lose and years of vibrant health to gain. Because when you try The Truth About Detox now, you won’t risk a single penny…

Our 100% money-back guarantee – 90 Days!

You really don't need to decide now. We want you to rest easy. :-) So we're giving you more than the typical 30-day guarantee...

Yes, we're giving you 90 Days to try The Truth About Detox!

We're that certain you're going to love this. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 90 days. No questions asked. No hassles. PLUS, you can keep the MP3 audio recordings of the expert interviews as our gift just for trying this out.

Read THIS Before You Detox at Home

If you’ve heard stories about people detoxing and NOT seeing these benefits, there’s a reason.

That’s because they didn’t know how to cleanse ALL their detox organs – the colon, blood, liver, lungs, and more. And they didn’t know how to put a stop to the constant daily intake of toxins that are a normal part of life today.

It matters.

If you cleanse one organ and not the others, you still have toxins in your body. And those toxins will get in the way of the health benefits you expect.

And even if you do a thorough detox, you still have to protect yourself against today’s toxic “cancer soup”. Otherwise, the toxins you remove will be quickly replaced with new ones, making your health problems stay put.

That’s why you need a complete and comprehensive detox system – all found in our 3-Volume The Truth About Detox program:

VOLUME 1: The History of Disease, Detoxing the Colon, Eliminating Parasites, and Cleansing the Blood

VOLUME 2: Cleansing the Liver, Kidneys, and Skin and Detoxing with “Defensive Eating”

VOLUME 3: Detoxify the Lungs and the Lymphatic System and Protect from Hidden Hazards

This program covers everything you need to know about how to detox properly, how to slash your toxic exposure, and what to expect when you’re detoxing.

Even better, you’ll see all the rock-solid science behind it. Discover all the fascinating facts about detoxing directly from the leading doctors, scientists and health experts in the world.

Plus, you get…

FREE Bonus: MP3 Expert Interview Recordings

These easily downloadable MP3 audio recordings of the expert interviews are perfect for listening to in your car, or while going on your daily walk or run. Jam-packed with crucial detoxing information from the full interviews – even important parts that we just couldn’t fit onto the actual program. Each of these doctors charges over $150 an hour… and you get 6.5 hours (a $175 value) for FREE!

FREE Bonus: Transcripts of the Entire Program

Can’t remember that tip about healing your liver from Volume 1? What about that amazing little-known antioxidant in Volume 2? Or that toxin-cleansing fruit in Volume 3?

No worries! Because ALL the expert secrets, tricks, and facts are at your fingertips with the full transcripts. Just check the index and turn to the page in this handy book with every word from every volume of The Truth About Detox. A $75 value… yours FREE!

FREE Bonus: Detox 101 – Your Personal Step-by-Step Guide

Detoxing couldn’t be easier with this printed or downloadable full-color “how-to” workbook and guide. It comes complete with a 30-day planner that makes setting up your personal detox plan as simple as 1-2-3. A $49 value… yours FREE!

FREE Bonus: Our Favorite Detox Herbs and Supplements

We’ve detoxed a LOT. And tried everything out there. And now you’ll get the fruits of our labor with our “short list” of the same herbs and supplements we use for optimal health. PLUS you’ll get the links to where to get each one. It took us years to narrow down our list… and you’ll get it FREE!

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How much is your health worth to you?

As you may know, healthcare costs are spiraling out of control.

The total annual cost of cancer care in the U.S. is projected to reach $175 billion by 2020, an increase of 40% from 2010. And while insurance can cover some expenses, it doesn’t cover them all. In fact, a recent study showed that some cancer patients end up spending a whopping 30% of their household income on their treatments… in spite of being insured.

And it doesn’t end there. Every health problem and disease is expensive, even with insurance.

Diabetes costs an average of $9,600 per year.

Osteoarthritis costs $11,000 per year.

And cardiovascular disease costs a whopping $18,953 per year.

The costs of other health problems like digestive issues and insomnia can also add up. And every one of these things can get in the way of living your life to the fullest. They can even cost you your job… your relationships… and your simple enjoyment of life.

So we wanted to make this program available to as many people as possible. Because we’ve made it our mission to help people get the information they need to live their healthiest lives.

That’s why we’ve set up this exclusive limited-time offer for you.

When you order today, you’ll get The Truth About Detox for just one single payment of $147 for our “digital access” package.

Digital Download/
Online Access

Download/online access to the entire Truth About Detox Package forever. (Lifetime Access)

$147 (Save 48%!)

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Or Pay with Paypal:

Get Both, Instant Download PLUS DVDs, Workbook, and Transcripts Shipped

Own the complete TTAD Combo Package – Physical Package shipped PLUS instant digital access.

$297 (Save 50%!)

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It’s time for you to activate your body’s anti-cancer system and renew your good health

We’ve heard some amazing detox stories:

  • When detoxing the colon reversed colon cancer, killing cancer cells.
  • When flushing the body of heavy metals rapidly healed deadly brain cancer.
  • When potent herbs put a halt to the progression of every kind of cancer.
  • When juicing caused cancer tumors to shrink and disappear.
  • When all the toxic channels in the body were cleared – resulting in zero cancer markers.

These things happened to people who had been given death sentences by doctors. They were given just weeks or months to live. And they almost gave up hope.

But then they discovered how to turn on their own body’s cancer-fighting mechanism by detoxing. And watched the miracle of healing happen within their “hopeless case” bodies.

Now you can detox and heal too.

Just watch our three-part docu-series, The Truth About Detox

… and try the ONE and ONLY complete and comprehensive detox program from the world’s leading detox experts…

… unleash the healing power of detox, cleansing every organ and cell in your body…

… and activate your body’s anti-cancer system for a long, healthy, VIBRANT life.

To try The Truth About Detox risk-free, just click here. You have absolutely nothing to lose… and years, even decades, of healthy living to gain.

So why not order right now?

To order, simply click the “Add to Cart” button below to make your selection. When you do, you’ll go to your secure shopping cart, where you can confirm your order, and enter your payment information.

Your DVDs, transcripts, and workbook will be shipped to your door right away.

And if you ordered the Online Access, you can get started watching the videos today. Just look for an email in a moment that will give you your login information for the Members Area.

Then jump in and start watching…

And remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason at all, we’ll give you back every cent you paid.
We’re that confident you’ll love it.

We think that’s a fair deal, don’t you?

Looking forward to hearing your detox success story soon!

To your best health,

Ty & Charlene

» P.S. Your purchase helps us in our mission to educate everyone about The Truth About Detox for a healthy, long life… and its role in preventing cancer. When you decide to own these recordings today, you make it possible for us to broadcast The Truth About Cancer for FREE to millions of people every year.

P.P.S. Remember, when you try The Truth About Detox today, you’ll also get four FREE bonus gifts. Plus, with our 100% Full 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you won’t risk one penny. So order today.


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