Cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence. As long as there's breath, there's hope.

Monumental Myths

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Ever since we began researching cancer over 22 years ago, our primary goal has always been to help educate and inform people by telling the truth.

Something most people don’t realize is, almost every “official story” over the past century is nothing more than a “monumental myth.” And it’s been fabricated by those who want to control us and keep us asleep, deceived, sick, and obedient.

It’s time for us to wake up from this lie-induced slumber!

The fact is, we all need to start thinking for ourselves and draw our own conclusions about current events. Rather than mindlessly believing (and then regurgitating) the talking points we’re being fed on TV.

If you question what you see on the TV and believe it’s possible you’re being lied to... about almost everything. Then chances are, you’re a truth-seeker. And if so, then the Monumental Myths book is for you.

Monumental Myths has 33 chapters and 444 pages chock full of revealing information that will free your mind and help you shatter the monumental myths that are seeping into your everyday life.

This is the first time these controversial subjects have been tackled so thoroughly and honestly in a single book.

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We are passionate about debunking harmful, life-threatening myths, so this is our “magnum opus.” Nothing has been left out.

Plus, we’ll also give you a link to download the digital pdf copy absolutely FREE!

Monumental Myths will give you the gift of truth. Wouldn’t that make a GREAT gift for yourself or someone you love?


Physical Book PLUS Instant PDF Download

Thank you for supporting our mission. And remember...

Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence.

God Bless,

Ty and Charlene

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