Cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence. As long as there's breath, there's hope.

Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine
by Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin and Ty Bollinger


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The healing properties of essential oils have been well known since ancient times and have been used as medicine for traditions. Essential oils are discussed in early literature dating back thousands of years, with Rome known for its baths, territories of Greece for their perfumes, and anointing oils mentioned in the Bible. There are over 200 verses in the Bible that mention either the use of oils or fragrant incense.

In the Bollinger household, we use essential oils every day. They truly are “Biblical Medicine.”

But sadly, as with most other “alternative” natural therapies (which really are “traditional” therapies), modern medicine and big pharma have tried to turn people against them. As a result, most people only think of essential oils as something that may smell nice, but really have no other practical uses. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The fact is, the healing benefits of essential oils goes way beyond aromatherapy. That is just one of the many ways essential oils can be used effectively. Instead of using common household cleaners and personal care products that contain toxic ingredients, essential oils can achieve the same—or even better—results without the risk of damaging your body, and can even promote healing!

Essential oils can also be used for respiratory support, immune support, skin health, stress relief, itch relief, burn treatment, dental pain relief, treating cold sores, arthritic pain, and as an antibacterial/antifungal. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to essential oil uses.

But… the BIG question…. HOW?

This is the biggest problem with essential oils. In a recent poll, over 95% of people who have purchased essential oils have NO IDEA how to properly use them. This is why we teamed up with Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin to create the most detailed, cutting-edge and practical guide on essential oils.

Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine is the definitive guide on essential oils. It’s a 500+ page, full color book, which will educate you about the proven health benefits of the top 50 essential oils, how to use these oils to help heal more than 125 of today’s most pressing health concerns, and provide you with over 70 quick, easy DIY recipes to help you care for your body, your family, your home, and even your pets!

We want you to remember this important message: Essential oils are one of the most powerful forms of plant-based medicine in the world, and they may be the crucial missing piece of your wellness program.


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