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Take Control of Your Health!

Learn how to Identify over 100 medicinal herbs and how to use them to treat common ailments.

hat if we were hit with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and the power grid went down for 9 months? Would you survive? Experts are telling us that Americans are just one disaster away from living like those in a third world country, where food, water and electricity are scarce and medical care is available only to the “privileged few.”

In the troubled days ahead, we might be forced to do without some of the luxuries we’ve come to enjoy. If things get really bad, we might not have cable TV, electricity on demand, high speed internet, cell phone coverage, or gasoline. But for most of us, living without all those things would pale in comparison to living without medical care and medicine.

Truth be told, even if you have a supply of medicine stored, those items do expire.  In a crisis, you will NOT be able to count on conventional drugs (for diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, hypertension, etc) to be available. And remember that it won’t just be prescription drugs that are unavailable, but you will also not be able to obtain over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, Tums, and Pepto Bismol. What would you do if you were unable to obtain these items? Think about it. If there were an emergency in your family right now and you couldn’t get to a doctor, what would you do? Do you have the herbal medicines and the knowledge to use them when time is of the essence?

The fact of the matter is that we should ALL prepare for shortages of ALL medicines and medical services!

As America moves closer and closer to socialism, it's inevitable that our healthcare system will follow close behind. Nationalized, socialist health care will not only result in government dictated care, but government bureauc"rats" will also be making decisions about who (if anyone) receives any care at all. With a massive inflow of new patients, doctors will not have the resources to treat everyone. This will create horrific shortages similar to the British and Canadian systems.

Think about it. If there were an emergency in your family right now and you couldn't get to a doctor, what would you do? Do you have the appropriate herbal medicines and the knowledge to use them when time is of the essence? Truth be told, having a knowledge of medicinal herbs would provide you and your family with an excellent "medical emergency backup plan," wouldn't it? But American's have lost the ability to think for themselves, to plan ahead, to make preparations for disasters. We've all been sucked into believing that hard times like these could never happen in the USA. The mainstream media doesn't talk about it, so we shouldn't worry about it, right?


Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia are
"Experts" At Manipulating The Media

I remember the egg scare a few years ago, do you? Well-orchestrated efforts convinced this entire country that eggs were the worst food ever consumed by man. It was part of Big Pharma’s scheme to wage war against cholesterol. Quite conveniently, the “war on cholesterol” just happened to coincide with the development of a new class of drugs (statins) designed to lower cholesterol levels. These statin drugs have been a huge boom for Big Pharma, generating BILLION$ of profit. You see, cholesterol has been demonized by Big Pharma, and as a consequence Americans have become conditioned to avoid all foods containing cholesterol. This is a grave mistake. It's terrible to watch someone crack open an egg and toss out the yolk because it contains "too much" cholesterol. Truth be told, the yolk contains all the important nutrients. After all, the yolk is what allows the chick embryo to mature into a chicken. Cholesterol is not a health threat. It is a substance that is ESSENTIAL to LIFE and it plays a role in the most critical body functions, including brain cell connection formation, cell integrity, muscle and tendon strength, bile and digestion, vitamin A and D metabolism, protection against infectious organisms, essential fatty acid metabolism, and the manufacture of hormones which regulate the blood levels of salt, water and calcium, and other critical metabolic processes. Statin drugs have also been implicated in Alzheimer's Disease, cardio myopathy, and since they target cholesterol, they actually "eat" the brain (the brain is made of cholesterol). Nobody has EVER shown that elevated cholesterol is the CAUSE of heart disease. But doctors still regularly prescribe these dangerous drugs!!

Doctors Fall for the Propaganda
Faster than Anyone!

It's not too surprising, considering their "continuing education" comes mostly from Big Pharma's drug salesmen and medical journals that are funded 90% by advertising money from Big Pharma. Whether we like it or not, doctors are joined at the hip to Big Pharma. In light of this fact, don’t count on your doctor to show you how to make or use natural medicines. It’s not going to happen. The fact of the matter is that many doctors are nothing more than “drug pushers” for Big Pharma. But here's the kicker: There is NO DRUG that can cure anything, because drugs don't have all the active constituents needed to heal or cure. As a result, patients "appear" to recover, but eventually they get sicker and sicker. You see, modern medicine is not about healing...it's about treating.Not only are doctors the “drug pushers” for Big Pharma, they are also the principal “drug researchers.” Keep in mind that the incentive for clinicians to fabricate data (lie) is enormous. In exchange for “favorable research” results, these doctors are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. You see, Big Pharma pays up to $1,000 per subject, thus enabling many of these doctors to earn over $1 million a year from drug research alone. And don’t be fooled – these doctors know very well that if they do not produce “favorable results” for Big Pharma, that their “gravy train” will soon come to a screeching halt. Kind of like the fox guarding the henhouse, isn't it?

Don't Play "Big Pharma Roulette"

Big Pharma manufactures toxic drugs (which they call “medicine”), and they send their salespersons (drug reps) out to propagandize the doctors (drug pushers) into believing that if they push these toxic drugs to their patients, then they are actually “practicing medicine.” The unwitting patients, believing that the “white coats” know everything there is to know about health, pills follow their doctor’s orders. This begins the cycle of “Big Pharma roulette” where the patient pawns get stoned silly with barbiturates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, opioids, stimulants, painkillers, palliatives, and various other symptom suppressors.

Little known to the pawns in this game, all of the “medicines” they are taking are actually creating more and more long-term serious conditions, which require more and more stronger and stronger “medicines,” which cause them to get sicker and sicker … and the real life game of “Big Pharma Monopoly” keeps rolling along. Did you know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each and every year? Did you know that prescription drugs injure over two million Americans each and every year? These figures are straight from the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is remarkable! Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Big Pharma is not satisfied with the status quo. You see, under current law, it’s still acceptable for us to use herbal medicines in the USA. And yet, Big Pharma knows that these natural substances are powerful ... so powerful in fact, that almost all prescription drugs today have their origin in plant extracts!

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Natural Remedies are Under Attack!

As you read this letter, natural remedies and supplements are under attack by the FDA. Very soon, they may be illegal. As a matter of survival, we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

But efforts are currently underway to ban dozens of traditional herbal remedies, leaving the unwitting American pawns dependent on Big Pharma’s toxic drugs. That's right. Our "inside sources" have recently informed us that new regulation once again targets natural remedies in the war against health freedom in the USA!

To monopolize the market, Big Pharma is pushing for new strict FDA regulations, and whenever possible, a new outright ban on many herbs and supplements. A total ban on raw herbs will be difficult, considering that herbs grow wild in practically every field and backyard in the country. What they can ban, however, is the production and the sale of herbal products. I know it sounds crazy, but we are moving closer and closer to the implementation of Codex Alimentarius in the USA. Haven't heard about Codex (or similar legislation)? More on this below. Keep in mind that medicinal herbs can supply us with everything we need to cure our ailments, treating everything from arthritis, to bacterial infections, to diarrhea, to depression.  

Knowledge of medicinal herbs is vital!
In the future, it may save your life!

A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly is a MUST HAVE BOOK if you want to take control of your own current health and your future health. This book will be the first step in completely breaking yourself from dependency on Big Pharma, which is a great feeling … not to mention an essential safeguard so that you aren’t eventually forced to play “Big Pharma Monopoly.

$30 $19.97 Save 33%

Instant Downloadable Access

You see, if Big Pharma gets their way and successfully bans herbal medicines, here's how they will likely accomplish it. They will "hoodwink" the American sheeple into believing herbal remedies are dangerous and only they (Big Pharma) possess the know-how and expertise to formulate these medicines. They’re not going to tell you how Native Americans have safely converted medicinal plants into extracts, tinctures, balms and other medicines for centuries in the USA. Nor will you hear about how Chinese doctors have been making plant medicines for thousands of years. All you will hear from the controlled mainstream media (and your doctor) will be how it's all being done to "protect us" from those dangerous herbs! How absurd. If their plan works, Big Pharma will bury these simple (yet effective) ancient techniques.

Products can be taken away,
but knowledge is irrevocable.

Here is the knowledge you need to help yourself, your family, and your friends – whatever the future may bring. This book contains the knowledge of medicinal herbs that may be vital in the coming days.

For thousands of years, civilizations have flourished using herbal remedies to treat common ailments, diseases, and injuries, including the following:

arrow Headaches
arrow Flu
arrow Allergies
arrow Anxiety
arrow Depression
arrow Asthma
arrow Diabetes
arrow IBS
arrow Back Pain
arrow PMS
arrow Fever
arrow The Common Cold
arrow Insomnia... and much much more

These traditional remedies have been used effectively for centuries... but the Big Pharma and Big Government cartel can’t patent their natural healing powers, so they have every incentive to ban them.

$30 $19.97 Save 33%

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That's right! Big Pharma has teamed up with Big Government to form a “Medical Mafia” with the intent of banning dozens of herbal medicines. Why? GREED. Since Big Pharma can’t patent herbs, they lobby Big Government to regulate them. As amazing as it may seem, patent protection applies only to toxic drugs and not natural medicines. Securing a government patent is the key to the money train. pills The Medical Mafia has no interest in natural remedies that cannot be patented. No claims of cure are allowed for any unpatented mineral, vitamin, natural food medicine, herb, or phytonutrient, regardless of what it does, how many millions are benefited, or how many people claim they were cured. Truth is not the issue. Neither is fact, science, or efficacy. Information is controlled in “Gestapo” like fashion. Making unapproved medical claims (i.e. telling the truth about the medicinal properties of herbs) can result in imprisonment. I know it sounds like I’m talking about Red China or Russia or Nazi Germany, but I’m not. I’m talking about the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Some people love Big Pharma and some people despise it, but regardless of your feelings toward this conglomeration of multi-national pharmaceutical companies, the indisputable fact is that they rake in BILLIONS of dollars each year. This is all part of a real life game of “Big Pharma Monopoly.” The players in this game are huge; their profits are protected by the government; the American people are pawns. FACT: over 85% of drugs are based on herbal plants. For instance, Taxol (a drug used to "treat" cancer), which is EXTREMELY toxic, is derived from the Yew tree. The truth of the matter is that the yew tree was used in Native American medicine for at least 2,000 years prior to the Europeans arrival to these shores. It was always used in conjunction with other herbs that mitigated the possible harmful side effects and with other herbs that would increase its positive actions against malignancies and limit its harm. In the form of the entire bark of the tree, many constituents actually mitigate harmful effects themselves. However, Big Pharma has extracted some of the phytochemicals from the Yew tree and as a result has created a toxic drug which kills rather than heals. This just one example of Big Pharma not having trained scientists that could determine the herbal synergy needed to make this a safe and effective medicine.

More Lies - Medicinal Marijuana

Another prime example is in the therapeutic use of Cannabis. Native Americans have been using cannabis medicinally for at least 3,000 years. Native Americans recognized it for its ability to stimulate the appetite, sedate the central nervous system, reduce pain, and alleviate nausea. Smoking of the leaves was used to alleviate bronchial spasms of asthma, bronchitis and to loosen phlegm. In more recent times the cannabinoids it contains have been synthesized and put into tablet form to reduce nausea induced by chemotherapy drugs and increase the appetite of AIDS patients. It has also been found to be one of the most effective treatments for glaucoma due to its ability to reduce intraocular pressure and has had these constituents put into eye drops. Only Big Pharma would be naïve enough to put a synthetic medicine into tablet form to treat chemotherapy induced nausea in which the patients are often not even able to keep water down! This is the type of "progress" we see when the physicians and people's use of medicine is limited to the exclusive control of large pharmaceutical companies that are able to pay enough politicians to pass restrictive laws, control the FDA and control the international approval of what can and cannot be used such as through the World Health Organization. herbs Knowledge of herbal medicines may be the single most important information you can learn to prepare for the worst, as it relates to health care. Remember, these herbal medicines are powerful and have been used by many cultures for thousands of years because they have a demonstrated history of working. Modern medicine is only beginning to tap the power in plant extracts that was known and used in the beginning. Herbs are truly God’s gift to us. We find very early in the Bible the use of herbs as we read in Genesis 30: 13-15: “During wheat harvest, Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants, which he brought to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, 'Please give me some of your son's mandrakes'."

Herbal medicines have stood the test of time and many of them grow right in your backyard. In an emergency, they may actually save your life. But without the KNOWLEDGE of how to use them medicinally, they are practically worthless. If you don’t know anything about medicinal herbs, don’t worry. That’s why we wrote this book. But you should make it a priority to learn as much as you possibly can as soon as possible. Don’t waste another second! You must start TODAY to obtain this vital knowledge of medicinal herbs...for your sake and for the sake of your family.

$30 $19.97 Save 33%

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This full color eBook includes the following:


Don't Delay!
This Knowledge Could Save Your Life!

For less than $20 during our 12 Days of Christmas promotion, you can own this book and begin to prepare yourself and your family for the day when medical services (and medicine) may no longer be available. It's a small fraction of what the average person pays for health insurance in a single year. And this book will insure that you and your family are able to stay healthy ... even if medical services are no longer available! Think about it, your investment in A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly is equivalent to only around 6% of the cost of a single Emergency Room visit (the average cost of ER visit is over $500). The fact of the matter is that purchasing this book may prove to be the single best investment you'll ever make for the health of your family and yourself! Now, you have the opportunity to prove the merits of A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly to yourself with absolutely no risk.

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$30 $19.97 Save 33%

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