Brianna's Art

Brianna is the eldest daughter of Ty and Charlene. She is a Freshman in college and an honors student, as well as a patriot. When she was 11, she memorized the entire Declaration of Independence. She is also a gifted songwriter, story teller, and a dynamic speaker. Brianna was awarded an NRA Scholarship in 2018, which enabled her to spend a week in Washington DC, where she placed first in the NRA Debate Competition. She is a freedom advocate and enjoys art and music and animals. She has displayed great talent and love for creating almost exact replica sketches of people who have inspired her in some way. Thank you for your support.

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1. Jason Momoa

Where do I even start. Let me just start by being honest – I’m very obsessed with Jason Momoa, along with the remainder of America’s female population. However, I don’t think many people realize how AMAZING Jason Momoa really is. He plays guitar, bass, he is an lover of things related to knives, bows and the outdoors, he’s an avid rock climber, he LOVES all the good rock, blues and country music which I also do, he often uses his platform to support amazing but little known artists, he has perhaps the best sense of style of any human alive right now, he is a wearer of many rings…but my favorite thing about him is what an amazing human he is, and how much he obviously loves his wife and children. He fell in love with his lovely wife, Lisa Bonnet, when he was SIX!! (I stan them so much.) He has two beautiful children, Lola and Wolf, and the love he has for them is so precious. If I don’t stop now, I never will, so moral of story – Jason Momoa is amazing.

2. Audrey Hepburn

My portrait of the peerless Audrey Hepburn is dedicated and drawn for to my amazing, talented, beautiful sister Grace Craichy. Audrey, like Grace, is a timeless and multi-talented woman who has touched so many lives for the better. Audrey’s personal story of triumph over hard times and the way in which she helped so many is a story which continues to inspire and uplift. Not to mention that her face is one of the most recognizable!

3. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley and Emilia Clark are the two names which come to mind when think of British actresses (don’t even get me started on British actors.) Keira Knightley epitomizes class and beauty. Her performance in Pirates of the Caribbean, one of my all times favorite movies, is absolutely stellar. I must have a few hundred pictures of her stored up to draw one day – I can’t even look at her face without wanting to sit down and start a portrait.

4. Axl Rose sunglasses

Axl Rose is one of my biggest inspirations in music and songwriting, not to mention that Guns N Roses is my favorite band of all time. As a lover of classic rock, Guns N Roses was the first rock band I ever grew to love. Axl Rose’s face, in the prime days of GNR, was (in my humble opinion) one of extreme beauty. It’s one of my all times favorites to capture. In this particular picture, his glasses were massively fun to draw. Not to mention that the picture itself is one of my favorites – a classic from a photoshoot in ’87. And those cheekbones!!

5. Axl Rose

In case you can’t tell by now, I love Axl Rose. A lot. This particular shot of his face was so captivating that I had to give it a shot. His eyes are so intense. I didn’t use any blending with wither pictures of Axl, which adds to the photographic effect.

6. Mera

This is a portrait which I dedicated to my brother, Bryce. We both loved the film Aquaman, although you might say we had different reasons for going to see it…. which we did 7 times. I take great enjoyment in drawing beautiful people, and Amber Heard certainly fits that bill. She was a real pleasure to draw and was actually the first portrait in which I used blending techniques.

7. Margot Robbie

In an ideal world, I’d have the voice of Axl Rose, the talent of Eric Church, and the looks of Margot Robbie. I hold staunchly to my opinion that Margot Robbie is the most beautiful actor of our time. She’s just so perfect – so sweet, talented, charismatic, and beautiful, with such an excellent sense of style. She’s one of those people who I can’t help but love, and this picture was very fun to draw. I’d been wanting to draw her for quite a while, and I think this was the perfect shot to start with. The black collar was especially fun – I love contrast!

8. Finnick

Let’s begin by saying that when I was fourteen, I was very, very obsessed with The Hunger Games. #TeamGale all the way. However, one of my favorite characters was always Finnick Odair. Finnick has such a tragic backstory and was so well played by the incredible Sam Claflin. (Not to mention that he’s quite gorgeous.) Sam’s charisma, charm, depth, and vulnerability in portraying Finnick are still captivating to me. In drawing this picture, I wanted to find an image which conveyed the sadness and pain behind Finnick’s Capitol Façade. (If you didn’t understand any of that, I’d advise you to go watch The Hunger Games. It’s never too late.

9. Natascha

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Marvel. Myself and my entire family are united by an undying love for everything Marvel. I’m that fan who went to Captain America: Civil War the day before opening day dressed as Scarlett Witch. One of favorite film characters of all time is Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. Natasha has many of the qualities and personality traits which I both have and aspire to have. Natasha is more than a comic book character to me - she’s someone whom I look up to and love. This sketch took me a little longer than they generally do, but I was very pleased with the resultes.

10. Maleficent

As a lover of all things art and music, you could probably guess that films are another passion of mine. Not only did I absolutely love the movie Maleficent, but I was floored by how amazing and intricate its sets and costumes are. I LOVE watching movies with great costumes, and everything about Maleficent appealed to my sense of drama and beauty. Angelina Jolie’s face, in Maleficent, is one which I could never tire of drawing. Again, the benefits of amazing cheekbones!